About Us

Mission Statement

To offer a unique, professional and fun golfing experience for all its members.

Operational Procedures

To Play

Competition entry charge is 500 baht including transport, prizes and entry to 2's competition.

Sign up sheets are available in advance at Ned Kellys until 7pm the evening prior to play.

Transport arranged from the sign up sheets. If you cancel you will be charged 250 baht.

Normal breakfast time is from 7.30am and leave at 8.45am (exceptions advised).

The days transport arrangements advised at Ned Kellys at around 8.30am

Playing order and groups advised at the same time.

Green fees and buggy/cart fees will be paid by players at the course unless advised otherwise.

On the course

The general rules of golf apply. All queries to director of golf - Fergus Brennan.

Caddies must be tipped a minimum of 300 baht (revised 1/11/2011).

Caddies must be treated as you would one of your own family, with respect and dignity.

Score cards must be neat, clearly written in INK, show handicap and be signed correctly.

Your behaviour reflects our group ethos and you are expected to represent the TRGG well.

In play you must keep up with the group in front.

Four balls will be adjusted in consideration to the field.

Cards must be returned to TRGG at the course or you will be disqualified.


Handicaps are acceptable if verifiable. If not, a player will submit three cards.

The right to determine a handicap remains with the TRGG

Handicaps will be subject to ongoing review by TRGG to reflect scores.

Prize Giving

Prize giving will take place at approx 6pm at Ned Kellys (subject to travel times).


All members are requested to complete a data record to include emergency contact information for your peace of mind.

Our aim is that you enjoy your golf at all times